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Protect those Expensive Cables With Cable Protectors From iService

Cables Are Susceptible to breaking easily

Joints are not built for twists or bends

The Layers of the Protectors absorbs impact preventing damage.

We heard you and we understand the need for protecting those expensive cables of yours. Hence, we offer you a solution to provide protection across all your cables whether it's for you, your friends, family or even your entire office. We've got you covered!

Specs & Recommendations

Compatible with -

  • All the Original iPhone, iPad and MacBook MagSafe charger cables
  • Most Micro USB, USB C, AUX cables too. Doesn't fit cables which are flat or too thick - but you can still share with those around you who are needy.
  • Made from high quality TPU and PLA to ensure it lasts long.

Our Recommendation -

  • If you need it for your iOS, Lightning cable, take the Pair. 1 for each end.
  • If it's for a MacBook and your iOS device, take the Triple. 1 for the MagSafe tip and 2 for the iOS cable.
  • If you have multiple products and friends you want to share this with, you decide amongst the pack of 5, 10 or 20. Feel free to add multiple in your cart!
We can't promise a specific colour due to high demand and limited stock. Shipping is free for all orders. Prices include GST of 28%.